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    ADDY WINNER 1997: Evan Peter and I (Dazai Advertising) proposed several concepts to convey the freedom and free range of motion you enjoy while using Freeboard Technology. The floating man won us the ADDY.

    (Lucent Technologies)
    I've enjoyed writing product line and corporate capabilities brochures for leading corporations. This product brochure encourages service providers to expand their offering by adding Lucentās messaging capabilities on the IN. My goal is always to convey benefits and features in a friendly, conversational tone that informs target audiences and motivates them to act.

    Direct Mail
    (Adobe Photoshop for PageMaker users)
    I've worked closely with in-house designers at Adobe to create print promotions that pulled over ten percent (installed customer base). I also wrote the first Web site promo÷Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for CAD engineers working on Sun and SGI workstations. This mailer invites Adobe PageMaker users to strengthen and extend their creative tools by adding Adobe Photoshop.

    Web site promo
    (Adobe On-line Catalog)
    A fiction writer with 30 published short stories, I love to write non-technical consumer copy such as this print and Web site Adobe Store catalog. The best parts were cut, probably wisely, by someone who had never heard of Jack Kerouac or the Honeymooners. Oh well...

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