Sutter at 8 Weeks (He was born on June 20, 2000)

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Check back often -- more pics to come

Cat "Teaser" says "Don't even think about it!"

He's off the ground. --"I saw Fred use this thing and the door opened."

Older Lab mix "Shiloh" is standoffish. She knows what's coming!

The garden isn't totally trashed yet!

"I'm not really mean, I just have to look this way for awhile."

Check back often -- more pics to come

Sutter at 9-10 weeks
Sutter at 11 Weeks
Sutter at 12 Weeks
Sutter at 11-14 Weeks
Sutter at 16 Weeks (with Luc - 5 months)
Sutter at 5 Months
Sutter at 6 Months

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