Sutter & James Hirsch (Fred's 6-year-old grandson)

Sutter at 9-10 Weeks

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Playing with Sutter made James a little growley!

Forget expensive toys! Give me a paper bag, a towel, and a corn cob any day!

My feet stretch out longer than Mr. Bull's

Again, I'd rather chew on a plant drip thingy (about $1.25)

I put my chewy toy next to the basket so she won't notice if I'm chewing the basket!

King of the semi-trashed mountain

The cat tree fits me fine for napping in the bottom cave -- well maybe not enough room for all of me!

Check back often -- more pics to come

Sutter at 9-10 weeks
Sutter at 11 Weeks
Sutter at 12 Weeks
Sutter at 11-14 Weeks
Sutter at 16 Weeks
Sutter at 5 Months
Sutter at 6 Months

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