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Gus Sanchez is a seasoned sales professional with over 20 years of selling experience. After graduating from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Gus decided to go to work for I.B.M. as a sales rep in their data processing division selling mainframe computers. The training Gus received at I.B.M. became the foundation for the rest of his sales career. Gus became so interested in learning all he could about selling, that at one point in his sales career he became the manager of the sales training program for ROLM Corporation and revamped the entire program. One of the first things that Gus did was to replace the professional trainers on staff with sales people from the field to act as "sales-trainers-in residence" This added the real world flavor to the training and street knowledge that Gus was looking for to make the sales training more meaningful. Using the case study concept from business school and incorporating this with lots of video taping of his students, Gus and his staff developed a very comprehensive and effective sales training program.

When Gus returned to the field as a sales manager after leaving ROLM, Gus found that most of the sales people he encountered did not have the in-depth training and understanding of many of the selling fundamentals that he had received during his career. Gus wrote the book, Accelerate Your Sales to share the knowledge he has gathered over his selling career and to provide other sales professionals with a common format to use during the sales process.

In addition to I.B.M., Cisco Systems and other high tech companies, Gus has worked in the office products market as a consultant in the Xerox Corporation sales agent program. Along with his MBA from the Stanford Business School, Gus received his B.A. in economics from Harvard University.

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