Gerry Grace Artist 1936-2004

Gerry grew up steeped in the images of religious icons and imagery; painted statues, holy cards, patterned church walls, glowing candles and the lingering smells of incense.

She reabsorbed the influence again and again on her many trips and stays in the American south west and Mexico, always making churches, missions, and schools her focus.

Gerry explored the the religious-iconic nature of life, often with the jewel-like qualities of medieval miniatures.

Gerry was an ever-evolving woman, questioning, challenging, immersed in art and always on an intellectual and spiritual quest. Her life, other than art, centered on her friends and the principles of a simple and honest life.

Awards and Recognitions:
Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Comtempooranea, 2005, Florence, Italy.
Awarded the Premio Lorenzo al Magnifico, Primio alla Memeoria.

Walter Hopps Recognition Merit Award.

George Richey Hand Hollow Foundation Grant.

Exhibited widely, Gerry's work hangs in collections throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe.

Born in Salinas, California in 1936, Gerry settled in the northern California coast in Mendocino to live and work in 1978.

Gerry Colby Grace died at her Mendocino home in the woods in October 2004.

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